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Limited Icons

icons by stellarlee

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Hey. Um, this is my icon community (formally known as stellaricons_).

  1. You don’t need to join the community to see and comment on the entries, just add it to your friends list.
  2. A lot of my icons will probably be Queer as Folk related. If you have a problem with pretty boys making out, go away.
  3. Comments and credit, while not required, are appreciated. If you do credit, credit to my personal journal stellarlee, or to limitedicons.
  4. I make bases and that's pretty much it (hence the "limited"). I suck at text, so feel free to customize any of my icons. You don't need to ask.
  5. Don't hotlink. Common knowledge, people.
  6. Past icon sets are archived in the memories section.
  7. I usually use my own caps. If I don't, then all the sources for the caps/pictures I do use are stated within that entry.